Frozen Chicken Feet

Frozen Chicken Feet



  •  Well dressed and cleaned.
  •  With or without skin.
  •  No bruise.
  •  No blood.
  •  No bad smell.
  •  No feather.
  •  No broken bones.
  •  Dry, moisture less than 5%, 100% Fresh.

Quick Overview

  •  Type – Frozen Chicken Breast.
  •  Origin – Brazil.
  •  Certification – Halal, FDA; HACCP; ISO9001;2008.
  •  Freezing Process -IQF.
  •  PayLoad – 27 MT/ 40′ container.
  •  Specification – Halal Frozen Chicken Feet ‘A’ grade. Organic, broiler and Griller.
  •  Minimum Order Quantity – 20 Kg Carton ( Custom ).
  •  Delivery Detail – Prompt.
  •  Packaging Detail – Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted: Polybag/carton box.
  •  Preferred Labeling is Accepted – Polybag/carton box of 10 kg.

How Frozen Chicken feet are processed

Here is a detailed process of how we obtain our quality frozen chicken feet

  1. Receiving the chicken and slaughtering

The chickens arrive at the processing plant from where they are offloaded, and they are raised into large barns known as the grow-out houses. The grow-out houses are cage-free. Our workers later place the chicken on a moving line in a humane manner. We then calm the chicken down by using dim light and rubbing the bars. We later stun the chicken. The stunning helps the chicken relax and makes them unaware of the pain. Next, with one quick cut to the throat, we slaughter the chicken. Before proceeding to the feather removal stage, our employees make sure the chicken is properly slaughtered.

  1. Cleaning

Here we remove the feathers, internal organs, and the feet. Since we are dealing with frozen chicken feet in this section, we carefully clean the feet and test them for the salmonella bacteria. We make sure we test the feet to prevent any food contamination arising from our products.

  1. Processing

Here we remove the skin from the chicken feet since this helps in making things easier for our clients to prepare. Then we freeze the chicken feet to help preserve their freshness and prevent any bruising and decay of the chicken feet.

  1. Packaging

When you place an order, we package the chicken feet according to your requirements. But before being shipped all our frozen chicken feet products undergo an inspection and receive a seal of satisfaction if they meet all the health requirements.


Why you should choose our Frozen Chicken feet

First, we clean and dress the feet considering that they dirt the chicken feet carry. Cleaning the chicken feet, helps prevent bacterial contamination when cooking the feet. Second, the Frozen Chicken feet come with two major orders, with and without the skin. Removing the skin from the chicken, feet can prove to be a difficult task; therefore, we help you out with that task. Thirdly, to make sure that this product stays fresh for longer, it has a moisture level of below 5%, and it is, therefore, fresh and frozen. Fourth, the Frozen Chicken feet are with no bruise or blood, and unlike mainstream chicken products, it has no bad smell nor blood stains. The other reasons why this is a product specifically for you includes the fact that it is not packed with chicken feathers and the chicken bones are intact and not broken. When being delivered, the customer has the ultimate choice on how the whole package should look like and this is the concept of customized delivery should give the potential buyer another choice to choose these Frozen Chicken feet. The final reason why this is the ultimate choice for Frozen Chicken feet includes the fact that the customer can buy it in relatively small sizes of 10kgs either packed in polythene of in boxes.