FBC LTD is supplier(trader, exporter) of fresh chicken eggs wholesale. Our company sells chicken eggs of Brazilian manufacturer in a big wholesale amount (1st, 2nd and small categories). These eggs are environmentally friendly product that meets international quality standards. It confirmed by multiple certificates and awards. Each batch is tested for the indicators of the microbiological safety by the state laboratory of veterinary medicine.
Company name: FBC LTD
 Brand name: SADIA
Product features: Fresh Chicken Table Eggs Brown and White Shell Chicken Eggs
Product type: Packed, Inorganic
Primary package: weight and packaging: whole chicken each weight 800g to 2500g x 7-10 in a box Other parts from 2kg up to 10 – 15/20kg
Amount in the package: 10 kg. per carton
Shelf life: 12 months
Country  of origin: Brazil
Certificates: HACCP, ISO, HALAL
Shipment terms: FOB, CIF

Specification for fresh chicken eggs wholesale:

Our Fresh Chicken eggs are grouped into two based on the color of shell. Each group shall be described as follows:

1. Whites – All eggs have a standard chalky white tolerating the very light cream tints.

2. Browns – All eggs are apparently brown including the dark cream tints and any variation in the shade of brown eggshell. Each group is divided into seven classes based on weight (grams per egg) of each egg in group. Its different from US weight classes. Jumbo = 70 and up Extra large = 65-70 Large = 60-65 Medium = 55-60 Small = 50-55 Pullets = 45-50 Pewee = 40-45

Packing :- 30 eggs laid in a tray. Such 12 tray in a Carton. Totally 360 eggs per carton. Load ability:- 1312 cartons in a 40 FT Totally 472320 Eggs.